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BYU Celebrates Mayor Kaufusi as an Honored Alumni

Mayor Kaufusi was named one of BYU’s Honored Alumni at a special event hosted by President Shane Reese, the newly installed president of BYU. I thought readers of this blog might be interested in the recognition, so as deputy mayor, I have hijacked the blog to tell you about it.

President Reese explained that recipients of this award represent some of the finest of BYU’s alumni, ones who have not only exemplified BYU’s values but who also have blazed a trail for current students to follow.

He referenced President Spencer W. Kimball’s landmark speech entitled “The Second Century of Brigham Young University” in which the church leader laid out a vision of BYU as an “educational Everest” that in many ways could “tower above other universities.” In a related speech, President Kimball laid out his vision that BYU could produce leaders in the arts, government, science, and other fields. He mused that there should be no reason BYU could not produce graduates equal to or surpassing the talents, abilities, gifts, and achievements of Rembrandt, Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln, or Da Vinci.

President Reese did not declare anyone present to be of that stature, but in noting that BYU was now almost halfway through its second century, he did indicate that the recipients of this award were of the sort foreseen by President Kimball.

As a trailblazer who is serving as the first female mayor of Provo, Mayor Kaufusi was acknowledged for her leadership in government, including as the recipient of the Kem C. Gardner Informed Decision Maker of the Year Award and The Milken Institute’s Best Performing City Award for three years in a row.

Highlights from a video shown at one component of the event include the following:

“The mayor is very inclusive. She’s willing to hear you out, to make time for you.”

- James Miguel, Former Chief, Provo City Fire and Rescue.

“She brings an energy and enthusiasm rarely seen.”

- Scott Henderson, Provo City Chief Administrative Officer.

“Mayor Kaufusi’s leadership style is visionary.”

- Keith Morey, Provo City Economic Development Director.

It’s really great to have a good idea, but it’s even better to have great execution, and I think Mayor Kaufusi has exhibited that—that she can deliver on her vision.”

- Curtis Blair, Utah Valley Chamber Executive Director.

In closing, it's an honor to work alongside Mayor Kaufusi, a leader who continually uplifts and inspires our city. Her recognition as one of BYU's Honored Alumni is a testament to her unwavering commitment, dedication, and leadership. As her Deputy Mayor, I am privileged to witness her drive and passion for Provo firsthand. Here's to many more accomplishments and milestones in the future. - Isaac Paxman, Deputy Mayor of Provo.

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