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Your Legacy Awaits You at Fables

What if instead of watching or reading a story, you could actually be in one?! Get ready to travel to a different time and enter a world where you're the hero and you live the adventure!

Visit Legacy Fables Adventure Studio for an immersive storytelling experience, curated for anyone to enjoy. You'll embark with friends and family on an adventure guided by a skilled storyteller surrounded by an authentic ambiance of sight and sound that will make it easy to leave the everyday world behind.

Come to Horisant, a world of fantasy, adventure, and the arcane. Prepare yourself for a coming world that span galaxies, delve into the psyche, and find yourself on the streets of London in pursuit of a nefarious murderer. Your legacy awaits you at Fables!

Visit for more details and to book your adventure today or visit their emporium at 443 N University Ave in Provo.

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