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Where to find Tier 3 gas near you!

Have you noticed how clean the air has been during the COVID-19 pandemic? Vehicle miles traveled dropped as much as 60% in Utah County and our air has been much cleaner because of it. As our economy opens up and we start traveling more, we should all make steps to pollute less. Here’s an easy one: purchase Tier 3 gasoline for your car.

The Environmental Protection Agency, the State of Utah, and Utah’s oil refineries have come together to produce a new cleaner-burning gasoline. Used with fully-compliant Tier 3 vehicles, this cleaner gas reduces up to 80% of key auto emissions that contribute to ozone and particulate pollution. When used with older vehicles, key emissions reduction is typically 13%. Although this may not sound like much, it is comparable to not driving for one day out of every week!

See for information on where to purchase this new, cleaner gasoline. While plenty of gas stations are selling the gas, it won't be obvious at the pump. There aren't any stickers on signs telling you that the gas is Tier 3. The best way to be sure is to check the website.

After a quick search on the website, here are the gas stations that I found listed in Provo selling Tier 3 gasoline:

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