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Where I Am

On social media, I’ve gotten the question “Where’s the Mayor?” many times, particularly over the past couple of weeks. We have had the issue of a potential city bond, the involvement of LGBTQ groups in the Freedom Festival, and the gravel removal issue lately as well. I try my best to be in front of the public as much as I can. I love getting to know you and what you are concerned about. However, there are many meetings and conversations that cannot all necessarily be documented in a blog word for word.

PC: Bruce Campbell

These blogs are my way to communicate with you and get you the information from my perspective. I try to blog four times a week, more if the situation calls for it. I am here to serve you and I want you to have all the information I can give you.

These blog posts go out on social media accounts for myself and the City government. Often, these make their way to Provo groups on Facebook and spread the message wider. You can find the Facebook accounts for myself, the city, and the city council below. I hope you will consider following them and my blog to receive updates frequently.

As always, please feel free to contact me or my staff with any questions.

If you are curious to what a day in the life of the mayor looks like, Wayne Parker (Chief Administrative Officer) put it into words just last week:

Contrary to some reports, the Mayor is alive and well and involved in every important issue in the city right now. As you might imagine of late, there have been a lot of issues coming fast and furious, and given her time constraints, she has asked several of us on the staff to try to respond as best we can to social media and other input mechanisms the city uses and follows.

It might be interesting for you to see what she is doing with her time! Just in the last few days:

- Met with the police and fire chiefs about key issues in their departments - Discussed finalizing the parking settlement agreement details with the County - Met with the Provo Housing Authority director on a new and innovative approach to transitional housing that would require support from the redevelopment agency - Attended about 7 hours of City Council meetings - Met with executives from MicroFocus, one of our largest employers - Met with a group involved in proposing changes to state towing laws and standards - Met with a property owner on Nevada Avenue where a brush fire recently occurred about ways to collaborate on fire safety - Worked with city staff and congressional staff on concerns about the Provo River Delta Restoration Project - Met with the Provo City Employees Association executive committee - Met with the Utah League of Cities and Towns executive director on legislative issues - Reviewed and approved plans for community outreach and engagement on the city facilities upgrades needs and options - Responded to phone calls from constituents, even as late as 11 pm last evening

Please don't interpret her relative quiet on social media as her not being involved and fully engaged in important issues facing our community. Hope that helps to understand why she might not be as engaged on social media as some might hope she would be.

Where am I? I'm on the job working hard and this blog is where you can stay updated.

Mayor's Facebook

Provo City Government Facebook

Provo City Council Facebook

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