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What We Love About Provo

I am continually amazed at the creativity here in Provo. When the Utah County Fair asked us to decorate a wooden pig to represent our city, the folks at Neighborhood Art Center eagerly stepped up to help us with the challenge. NAC had their patrons add artwork until the entire pig was filled with the many things people love about Provo.

By just looking at the pig, you'll be able to identify some of Provo's best loved scenes. The result is beautiful and I truly believe it represents Provo and the community here. What a fun way to give a shout out to Provo and the Utah County Fair!

We will be moving the Provo Pig to different locations this summer. This is your chance to find him, snap a picture, and see if you can identify all of the things we included on the pig! To find the pig and where's he's visiting, check out the City Council's Twitter account. Post your pictures with the hashtags #ProvoPig and #FairFever and let us know what you love about Provo or your favorite artwork on this colorful guy.

I love Provo and the opportunities we have to be creative and support our community. Make sure to vote for Provo's pig on the Utah County Fair website! Vote here.

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