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What is Recycling?

Recycling saves money, energy AND cuts down on air pollution. It takes the same amount of energy to make one aluminum can out of new material that it takes to make 20 out of reusable material. A single salvaged aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV for three hours. The figures are impressive but we can save more. The more residents participate, the more we all save.

Provo’s fantastic weekly curbside recycling program is for those who want to have the convenience of simply dropping recyclables into their blue can and rolling it out to the curb. Simply look at the city map at and enter your home address to find which day garbage is collected at your home. Your cans will be picked up every week. Make sure your cans are out by 6:00 am on pickup day to avoid being missed. Keep in mind that your recycling can will be emptied at a different time during the day than your trash can. Please remove cans from city streets within 24 hours after cans have been emptied.


A friendly customer service rep can help you sign up for recycling at 311 or (801) 852-6000.


  • $6/month per blue recycling can ($2 automatic discount on each black can service)

Containers                                                         Rate (Year-round) 1 garbage (black) cans                                     $17.50/month 2 garbage (black) cans                                    $35/month 1 garbage (black) + 1 (blue) recycling            $22.50/month


All plastic bottles #1-7, aluminum, aluminum & tin cans, paper products (books, newspaper, junk mail, magazines), cardboard boxes, milk cartons, soda bottles, cereal, packaging boxes, and tied together plastic grocery bags. See more here »


  • Don’t put yard waste or regular garbage in your blue recycling cans

  • Don’t put Styrofoam, glass, aluminum foil, electronics or anything with food scraps in blue recycling cans

  • A fine may occur if garbage is found in blue cans

  • You can get a green can from the city specifically for food and yard waste

  • Allow 3 feet of space around cans and have lid closed

Check out Provo’s website for more recycling information »

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