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Welcoming Our Exceptional New Chief Administrative Officer, Scott Henderson 🎉

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

I'm beyond pleased to share some wonderful news! Today, we officially welcome Scott Henderson as our new Chief Administrative Officer. For those who have had the privilege of knowing Scott or benefiting from his service, you'll understand my enthusiasm.

Having served Provo's Parks and Recreation department for over two decades, Scott's commitment to our community is unwavering. Under his guidance, our Parks and Recreation department has soared to new heights—becoming nationally accredited, being heralded as the 'Best in State', and clinching the ‘Gold Medal’ as the nation’s top parks and recreation department. These accolades not only reflect the hard work of the entire Parks and Recreation team but also Scott's exceptional leadership.

Scott's profound love for Provo and his unparalleled dedication to 'Exceptional Care for an Exceptional Community' made him the ideal candidate for the role of Chief Administrative Officer. Although he admits he never saw himself in this particular role, his passion for serving Provo citizens shines through in every endeavor he undertakes. I still remember when I appointed Scott as the project director for the Provo City Hall and Public Safety building back in 2019. Despite the immense challenges posed by the pandemic, supply shortages, and high costs, Scott delivered an exemplary project on time and within budget. His success in that endeavor reaffirmed my belief in his potential and leadership capabilities.

It's this "One Provo" spirit that Scott embodies—a united front that believes there's nothing our city cannot achieve for its residents. I am wholeheartedly looking forward to having him join our dynamic Provo leadership team. His vision aligns seamlessly with our mission, and I'm confident that his influence will usher in an era of progress, success, and boundless accomplishments for Provo.

Deputy Mayor Isaac Paxman described Scott as "dynamic and energetic." I couldn't agree more. Scott's zeal pushes everyone around him to strive for excellence. His perspective on teamwork and service delivery has always been progressive, and I'm eager to watch as his influence spreads across our organization even more.

Our residents deserve nothing but the best, and with Scott by our side, I am confident that we are headed towards an even brighter future. Let's come together to warmly welcome him into this new role, confident that he will continue to guide our city towards greater heights.

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