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Welcoming Our Big 12 Visitors

As many of you might already know, as of July 1, Brigham Young University officially became a member of the Big 12 athletic conference. And this isn't just about sports; it's about community, connection, and growth.

In anticipation of BYU's participation, our city has been in the limelight with several other institutions gearing up for their journey with the Big 12. By 2024, the Big 12 will grow to an impressive league of 16 schools. While this presents world-class sports competitions right in our backyard, it also opens the doors for invaluable collaborations with other conference host cities.

To underline Provo’s commitment and warm welcome to the Big 12 community, we recently united with BYU, the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce, and Explore Utah Valley. Our mission was clear: give a heartfelt, memorable tour of BYU, Provo, and Utah County to government relations staff from fellow Big 12 universities.

I'm immensely proud to say our city put its best foot forward. Our visitors embarked on a journey, discovering the scenic beauty of Provo Canyon, indulging in a "Taste of Provo" at some of our finest eateries, and immersing themselves in our rich academic and cultural offerings.

The feedback has been overwhelming. Many were captivated by our valley's beauty, the genuine hospitality of our residents, and the strong bond between the city and the university. Several even voiced their plans to return, bringing friends and family to experience Provo's charm.

Joining a prominent athletic conference like the Big 12 isn't just a feather in BYU's cap. It elevates our entire community. With a larger stage for our athletes and a spotlight on our city, we have the chance to extend our famed Provo welcome to many more visitors.

I'm personally hoping this journey fosters tight-knit bonds with other conference cities, cultivating both healthy competition on the field and collaborative opportunities off it.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that when a community, its local government, and its university work hand in hand, the result is a world-class college town. I'm filled with gratitude for having BYU as our partner in this endeavor. Together, we're setting standards worthy of the honor.

Thank you, Provo, for continuously embracing growth and change. Here's to the exciting road ahead!

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