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Welcome Our New Fire Chief Jeremy Headman

Welcome our new Fire Chief Jeremy Headman, sworn in today! Firefighting is in his blood - following in the Provo firefighting footsteps of his father and brother, Chief Headman is ready to take the helm after serving six years as Provo’s deputy fire chief.

Having seen Jeremy lead as Provo's Deputy Fire Chief for a commendable six years and later as the Interim Chief, I've observed his depth of experience firsthand. His multifaceted roles ranging from paramedic, engineer, Station Captain, to Battalion Chief have equipped him with insights that few possess.

But what truly warms my heart is Jeremy's genuine connection with his team. In my interactions with our 81 full-time firefighters, one sentiment stands out – their deep respect and admiration for Jeremy. It's not just about his impressive 28-year tenure but the person he is – someone who truly cares.

Jeremy recently shared, “Provo City and its Fire Department are dear to me. Thanks to our collective efforts, including your unwavering support, we have state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. This empowers us to give our best to the community we cherish.”

Looking ahead, I am excited to share that our commitment to safety remains robust. Many of you will recall the inauguration of Fire Station 22 in September 2020, a milestone after two decades. Building on that promise, we're now rejuvenating Fire Station 21, anticipating its unveiling by late Fall 2024.

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