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Week in Review | March 30-April 5

  1. Conversations with Kaufusi — Covid-19 Video Series. Will services continue as normal with COVID-19? That’s the most asked question we receive. To best answer, I met with each department in a special Q&A video segment to outline service changes and offer timely updates. All videos are available at

  2. Utah County Mayors’ Meeting. In the first of what will now be called “Best Practices Huddle,” I remotely hosted all Utah County mayors to coordinate Covid-19 efforts.

  3. 311 Customer Service Counter. All customer service counters remain open but with social distancing precautions in-place including six-foot spacing, personal protection equipment, regular disinfection, and online service options for those wishing to stay home.

  4. COVID-19 Informational Website. Visit to find the latest update of our Four Step Community Safety Plan, statewide real-time statistics map, resources and downloadable graphics.

  5. Playground Signs. Signs have been posted at all of our playgrounds with the following message, “Attention. Due to COVID-19. The Governor of the State of Utah has said that children should not play on public playgrounds. Follow social distancing guidelines. Stay Home, Stay Safe.”

  6. First Online City Council Meeting. After hours of practice, we held our first online city council meeting. Our successful efforts have been noticed across the nation prompting cities to contact us for best practice guidance.

  7. Stay a Kaufusi Away Video. To encourage social distancing, I enlisted my two NFL football sons, 6’6” and 6’10” to illustrate exactly how far apart six feet is.

  8. Crush the Curve Mobile Testing. In partnership with Silicon Slopes and the State of Utah, Provo City helped facilitate a site at the Provo Towne Center to provide more convenient and widespread testing to reduce the spread of COVID-19. More information at

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