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Valley Visioning: Share Your Point of View

Valley Visioning is an effort put together by Envision Utah. They want to hear from you on how you think Utah County should grow. It's estimated that by 2065, "Utah County will add 1 million people to its population, 85% from internal growth" (Envision Utah). While we're planning for that growth, we should try to ensure future generations have places to work, live, learn, and play.

Think about questions like: How can travel in and through Utah County remain convenient? How can we facilitate the creation of jobs that pay competitive wages and that ensure people can live and work in the same area? How can housing be kept affordable so that future generations can live near where they grew up?

I encourage to get involved! Come to the workshop at Provo High School (in the Commons Area) at 6pm on January 29th to share your point of view.

For more information, see the Envision Utah website, Twitter account, or Facebook page.

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