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Utah Valley Magazine Feature

Thanks for the fabulous feature! I enjoyed talking about my life journey for Utah Valley Magazine's Fab 40 edition. I shared milestones, roadblocks, must-haves, and daily adventures.

The Journey The first female mayor of Provo is no stranger to hard work. She gets up at 4:30 every morning, fixes two dinners for her family — one at the normal time, and a late dinner for her hungry athletes, and she read 54 books last year. She also returned to college after a 28-year absence.

Road Blocks “I was sixth out of seven kids. My father was abusive, and my mom got divorced when it wasn’t popular. She worked the graveyard at the hospital, and we learned to be resilient. I would grab a Tab and a Pop-Tart on my way to the bus. When I was 11, I started cleaning neighbors’ homes to earn school clothes.”

Travel Destinations “I love Tonga, New Zealand and London. The Peace Corps takes people until they are 65! I’d love to get out there and have more adventures with my husband.”

Must-haves “I always wear a watch and it has to be waterproof because I do a lot of dishes. Time management can make or break a person. Another must-have is my day’s agenda printed on my desk when I come to work. I like a tangible calendar I can take notes on. I have made it a rule to never be on my phone during a meeting, so I like not having to look at my phone to know my schedule.”

Local Destination “I’m a trail runner — sun, rain or snow. Even if I have an hour, I’ll throw on my snow cleats and head up Rock Canyon and veer off, wrap around the mountain and come down by the Y.”

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