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Utah County Future

The Utah County Good Governance Advisory Board (GGAB) wants to make it easy for community members to give feedback and recommendations surrounding Utah County’s current and future form of government. They have launched a new website ( and a Facebook page, (Utah County Future) where you can easily leave a message, share a comment, and ask any questions you might have.

You'll notice the website also provides the GGAB’s meeting schedule. They want the public to feel welcome to attend any of their meetings and make public comment. GGAB wants to be transparent and is encouraging public involvement through their website, social media, and at their meetings.

The GGAB is preparing to provide its recommendations to the Utah County Commission on May 28 during the commission’s scheduled meeting. It will recommend the best form of government for Utah County, which is anticipated to reach 1 million residents by 2060.

Please share your thoughts and opinions before May 28th!

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