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Use the Library without leaving your couch!

When I was a mother of small children, our community library was a lifeline. Hardly a week went by that we weren’t in the library getting books, going to story time, and enjoying time together. For families with young children, it’s easy to see how and where the library fits in their lives.

Now that I don’t have small children at home, I’ll admit that we don’t go to the library as frequently as we used to. Life as a mayor is wonderful, but it’s also busy! Even though I don’t always have time to browse the library’s bookshelves, there are still plenty of ways that I can use the library.

If you, like me, find that your schedule doesn’t always allow you to come to the library in person, here are a few ways you can enjoy the library without ever leaving your couch!

1. Get free audiobooks and eBooks with Libby by Overdrive

With the Libby app (available on any smart device), you can easily browse and listen to or read thousands of eBooks or audiobooks. The library is adding new digital titles every week, and there’s a great collection of “always available audiobooks” if you don’t want to wait.

Another bonus? With electronic materials, there are no late fees!

2. Gain a new skill with is a leading source for high-quality tutorials on just about anything you’d want to do on a computer. Learn to code, use the Adobe Creative Suite, or even engage with more theoretical classes like personal branding or business communication. can turn us all into lifelong learners.

Best of all, it’s free when you access it through the library’s portal:

The library also has a number of other useful databases you can access from home—databases that cover everything from car repair to investment strategies to home renovation tips. Access them all via the “learn” tab on the library’s website.

3. Get free music with Freegal

If you enjoy discovering and listening to music, Freegal needs to be on your radar. With Freegal, you can download three songs a week that are yours to keep forever. You can also stream up to five hours of ad-free music a day. New songs are added often, and Freegal has started curating playlists so you don’t have to. They’ve even got a book-themed playlist called “Book It!”

With all these things (and more) available to you without even stepping foot in the library, you’re never too busy to make the library a part of your life.

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