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Tune In on Provo Women's Day!

When I became Provo’s 45th and first female mayor, I felt compelled to help pave the way for more women to have a voice in their community. Women’s Day is one of my favorite events because we take time to honor the individuality and strength of our Utah County women.

Provo Women’s Day started as an initiative to enhance the visibility of women, promote leadership opportunities in the community and provide resources for women to help one another. It is a day of inspiration for women, by women.

Each year it grows in popularity, with our luncheon selling out within a week this year. The Women’s Day luncheon will be livestreamed on Provo City’s Facebook page for those unable to purchase a ticket but still want to participate.

Luncheon guest speakers include Jess Toolson, co-founder of Mixhers; Momi Tu’ua, the first female principal at Timpview High School; Jenna Jarvis, founder of Vulnerability is Cool; India Blue Severe, co-founder of Lonely Ghost; and Dr. Kelly Wosnik, owner of Bristol Health.

This year’s theme of ‘Happiness Through Hope and Healing’ is both timely and necessary. After the COVID-19 pandemic, a Utah State University study found that women’s health was disproportionally impacted, with nearly one-third of respondents identifying mental health as a concern.

Each one of us is going through our own personal battles, but there is hope and healing as we all support each other on our journey to happiness!

And don't forget, we still have a full schedule of events for March 4th. Visit and sign up to a program that speaks to you!

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1 Comment

Sandralee Jensen
Sandralee Jensen
Feb 24, 2023

I would like to attend, how do I get involved?

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