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Top Provo Rankings for 2022

Every year we receive national rankings for our economy, well-being, and as a beautiful place to live with unbelievable recreational opportunities. And this year was no exception! To highlight our amazing community, I've selected my favorite Provo rankings from 2022.

#1 Best Performing City (For Second Consecutive Year!)

Securing Provo’s long-term economic vibrancy is a top priority. Being honored as the nation’s Best-Performing Large City by the Milken Institute two years running is a reflection of what we have known all along – Provo is the best place to live and do business. Access to incredible employment capital from two universities and a thriving entrepreneurship environment make Provo a great place for businesses—and our cost of living and easy access to four-season outdoor recreation make Provo a perfect place to call home. (Milken Institute; March 2022)

#1 Metro for Most Energy Efficient Buildings per Capita

Provo has been ranked the #1 metro in the nation for having the most energy efficient buildings per capita! OhmConnect used the Environmental Protection’s Agency’s 2022 rankings to identify the metropolitan areas with the greatest number of Energy Star-certified buildings. Provo has 75 total energy-efficient buildings, ranking 21st on the EPA’s list for top cities overall and 2nd for top Mid-Sized Cities. (Environmental Protection’s Agency; September 2022)

#2 Hottest Job Market in America

Recent research conducted by The Wall Street Journal has revealed that Provo City, Utah’s tech hot spot, ranked second place for the hottest job markets in terms of smaller metropolitan areas. In the smaller job market rankings, the Provo metro area was #2 in unemployment, #14 in labor force participation, #9 in job growth, #44 in labor-force growth, and #46 in wage growth. (The Wall Street Journal, April 2022)

#2 Happiest City in America

Provo has been ranked #2 most happiest city and #4 most smiliest city in America! Instagram can tell you what’s new, what’s cool, and what’s for dinner. But can you use it to find happiness? The data analysts at HouseFresh reckon so, and they processed thousands of Instagram selfies to find the happiest places in the U.S. – and those places where intense smiles are more common than genuine joy. (July 2022; HouseFresh)

#3 Most Affordable City to Live and Work

#4 City with the Best Job Market

Despite the real estate market experiencing an unprecedented boom, three Utah cities are still presenting residents with both job opportunities with relatively manageable living costs and Provo is topping the charts! According to GoodHire, Provo ranked #3 Most Affordable U.S. City to Live and Work In and #4 U.S. City with the Best Job Market in 2022! (GoodHire; February 2022)

#3 Most Neighborly City in the U.S.

Provo is the #3 Most Neighborly City in the Nation! It’s no wonder, considering Provo had the highest rate of charitable giving (by far), as well as the highest number of residents who report volunteering for local organizations. It’s obvious that people living in Provo give back and it’s made the city an incredibly neighborly place to call home. (; October 2022)

#5 Most Dynamic Metropolitan

Provo-Orem has been ranked #5 Most Dynamic Metropolitan by Heartland Forward! Provo is an emerging tech hub with attractive outdoor recreational amenities that are appealing to knowledge-worker talent, including entrepreneurs. Many tourists, who might have gone abroad if not for COVID-19 travel restrictions, visited Utah, and some remained to work remotely. (Heartland Foward; April 2022)

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