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Today is the Day to Make Sure You Count!

One of the most important things you can accomplish today is to take 5 minutes to complete the 2020 Census now available online at

The 2020 Census is more than a population count. It’s an opportunity to shape your community’s future. Why does it matter?

Census results have an impact on planning and funding for health clinics and highways, fire departments and disaster response, education programs such as Head Start and college tuition assistance, and so much more.

At the 2010 Census, Provo’s response rate was only 63.4%. I know we can do better! We don’t want to accept only 60% of the money we need to make our city run effectively. Let’s work together to make sure that everyone counts—100% of us. Make sure YOU count by taking 5 of the most important minutes of your day today to complete the Census. And then spread the word to everyone. Make sure your family counts. Make sure your neighbors count. Let’s make sure Provo Counts 100%.

Five minutes can make all the difference. Take the 2020 Census today at

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