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The Provo Airport is taking flight! ✈️

What an amazing weekend! On Friday, we celebrated the Airport Grand Opening with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and on Saturday with a Public Open House. As we celebrated the grand opening, Breeze Airways announced it will not only begin flying out of Provo, but the airport will be the airline’s Utah base! And Allegiant Air announced new service routes to four new cities to begin later this year.

Shortly after I was sworn in as mayor, I was told that a new airport terminal was on the 20-year horizon. So, if I take a deep breath, it feels like we found a way to reach into the future and pull it forward to today. And gazing at our new airport terminal, the future never looked so good!

Provo is poised for progress but we couldn't do it without the tireless work of those behind the scenes. It took a village of city employees, colleagues, businesses, legislatures, county commissioners, advisory boards, city council members, local and state governments, and numerous other great people to make this happen.

The story of this terminal is a story of partnership. And as you can see, the Airport Grand Opening was a day to celebrate more than a building. It was a day to celebrate vision and collaboration.

Having been born and raised in Provo, I know how important the airport has been and continues to be to the economic vibrancy to our growing community.

Thank you to all who have helped the Provo Airport take flight!

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