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The Need for Options

Mayors and city councils have many responsibilities and one of these is the safety of our employees. We can no longer ignore the physical state of our city hall, the police station, and Fire Station 2. City employees need a safe work environment. I have personally toured the facilities and there are many concerns. In the event of an earthquake, our first responders are crucial, and they require a building that will ensure they can take care of those in need. It is deeply troubling to me that our city workers would be in great danger should an earthquake strike.


Remodels and rebuilds of city hall have been discussed for years with the mayor and city council. We’ve had a number of studies performed to help us determine the needs and viability of our buildings. We’ve discussed the options and these have been put before the city council. There’s the option to move to the Provo Towne Centre, remodel the current city hall building and build a new public safety building, or build a new city hall and public safety building. While I have not made a determination on the option that I favor, I am supportive of the city council’s desire to move forward on this issue.

It’s important to remember that in an emergency the city would need to continue running to ensure the safety of citizens. I have no desire to increase taxes where it is not necessary. But my initial view is that something needs to be done. It’s ultimately the city council that will decide if we bond and for which option. I will remain engaged and look forward to citizen input on the various options as well.

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