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Thank you Sandra Covey

Provo City lost a very dear friend on Sunday with the passing of Sandra Covey.

Sandra cared about Provo, its residents, and was a lifelong supporter of the arts. The Covey Center for the Arts was named in honor of Sandra. Her positive attitude and excitement for people, places, ideas, and arts have shaped a life filled with passion, fun, humor, love, and sharing. As chair of the fund-raising committee for the Covey Center, Sandra devoted endless time and energy. Her determination and focus provided a beautiful arts center that serves and benefits the entire community.

I had the privilege of growing up with the Covey family. Sandra's grandkids were friends with my kids and I admired her family from afar. They have shown to be an amazing intergenerational family - giving to the community and making an impact for good.

I’m a better person for having known Sandra. No doubt the days ahead will be full of remembering and acknowledging her many contributions.

I extend my love and sympathy to the Covey family.

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