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State of the City 2024

I'm thrilled to share with you my State of the City address. From enhancing the Provo River Trail to welcoming our one millionth passenger at the Provo Airport, we've achieved so much together. This year, we've shone a light on the compassionate heart of our community, from the impactful work of local organizations to the inspiring stories of individuals like Connie Johnson. As your mayor, I'm proud of what we've accomplished and excited for what's ahead. Join me in celebrating our city's progress and the incredible spirit of our residents. Watch the full address to see what makes our city exceptional.

Part 1 - State of the City Address

Press play to watch the State of the City address. Highlights include:

  • Provo City's Achievements - Expansion and improvement of 1.9 miles of the Provo River Trail. Distribution of 400 shade trees to residents. Repair of 489 potholes. Handling of 6,335 customer service calls in Spanish. Construction of 37,500 square feet of new sidewalks. Participation in a major investigation seizing 300,000 fentanyl pills. Circulation of over 1.6 million items by the city library. Celebration of the one millionth passenger at the new Provo Airport terminal.

  • Focus on Compassion and Welcoming Community - Provo's identity as a welcoming and compassionate community. Community Action Services and Food Bank's achievements: distribution of 3.7 million pounds of food, prevention of 100 evictions, provision of homeless sheltering, and assistance in transitioning households to permanent housing. Wasatch Behavioral Health's services to low-income individuals for mental health and behavioral issues. Provo City Housing Authority's management and provision of affordable housing. The Food and Care Coalition's efforts in providing meals, housing, and additional services like dental care. The significant role of United Way in coordinating services to prevent duplication and streamline aid.

  • My Hometown Initiative - A detailed look into the "My Hometown" initiative in the Pioneer Park neighborhood, emphasizing community uplift and self-reliance. Success stories from participants in the initiative, including an entrepreneur who improved his English and started his own business. The initiative's focus on building community connections and support.

  • Community Acknowledgment and Individual Acts of Compassion - A moment to acknowledge various organizations and individuals, including police officers and firefighters, for their roles in supporting the community. A personal story of Connie Johnson, a Provo resident who exemplifies individual acts of compassion and service by tutoring a young student, illustrating the community's spirit.

Part 2 - Arian Lewis: The Kiln Story and the Power of Community

Press play to watch Arian Lewis's segment from the State of the City address focusing on his journey as a Provo native, the inception and growth of his business, Kiln, and the role of community in fostering entrepreneurship and collaboration.

  • Strategic Development and Location - The journey of finding the perfect location for Kiln Provo, backed by data and Arian's love for the city, ultimately transforming a once-uncertain area into a hub of innovation. Details on the design and offerings of Kiln Provo, emphasizing its purpose-built nature as one of the first co-working buildings of its kind in the U.S., designed to foster productivity, creativity, and connection.

  • Community Integration and Impact - Arian elaborates on Kiln's inclusive community events, the design aimed at enhancing work experiences, and the significant impact of the physical environment on productivity and innovation. The contribution of Kiln to the local ecosystem is underscored by its vibrant member community, diverse events, and amenities aimed at fostering a supportive environment for entrepreneurs.

  • Reflection on Provo's Influence - Personal anecdotes illustrate the profound impact of Provo's community on Arian's life, including his experiences with the Boys and Girls Club and the support from local figures. The speech concludes with a tribute to Provo's exceptional community, emphasizing that the strength of Kiln, Provo, and any great community lies in the individual efforts of its people.

Part 3 - Colby Bauer: Thread Wallet's Journey in Provo

Press play to watch Colby Bauer's segment from the State of the City address. He outlines his entrepreneurial journey with Thread Wallets, from its humble beginnings to becoming a successful business with a significant community impact. Here are the key points and highlights you can expect from the video:

  • Reasons for Choosing Provo - Colby discusses the deliberate choice to move and grow the business in Provo, citing cheap rent, exceptional people, a supportive business network, outstanding recreation, and quality education for their children as key factors.

  • Expansion and Recognition - Thread Wallets expanded beyond wallets into a wider range of products, including bags and accessories. Achieving a remarkable rank of 104 on the Inc. 5000 list, highlighting the company's rapid growth and success. Introduction of retail locations and collaborations with other brands, underscoring the company's expansion and influence.

  • Personal Challenges and Community Contribution - Colby shares a deeply personal story about his mother's struggle with alcoholism, her recovery, and how it inspired him to contribute positively to the community. The establishment of a nonprofit, Carry On, focused on teaching resilience skills to kids through action sports and outdoor recreation, demonstrating a commitment to giving back and supporting youth.

  • Finding a New Headquarters - The search for a new location for Carry On and Thread, leading to a serendipitous connection with a city official that helped find the perfect spot. Purchase of the old Rock Church building, transforming it into the new headquarters for Thread and Carry On, including a skate park and retail space, set to open in April.

Part 4 - West Side Update

Press play to watch Scott Henderson and Keith Morey provide an extensive update on the developments and heartfelt initiatives that are shaping the future of West Provo. With projects like the groundbreaking Regional Sports Park and the visionary Provo Airport Terminal expansion, these efforts not only enhance our quality of life but also drive economic prosperity. Dive into the details of how we're enhancing recreational opportunities and preserving the unique charm of our west side.

  • Focus on West Provo's Development - Detailed planning to integrate future development with existing neighborhoods while preserving agricultural lands, conservation easements, and open spaces. Introduction of a future land use map, created with input from residents, to guide growth.

  • Infrastructure and Housing Affordability - Significant investments in infrastructure, including water, sewer, and storm systems, to support growth without impacting residents' quality of life. Efforts to address housing affordability through the creation of pocket neighborhoods offering a mix of affordable and market-rate homes, aimed at public safety staff and community heroes.

  • Commercial and Industrial Development - Strategic location of commercial and industrial areas to support the airport, regional sports park, and the needs of West Provo residents. Examples of significant investments like Duncan Aviation and Ionic Mineral Technologies, showcasing the area's economic growth.

  • Recreational and Environmental Enhancements - New recreational spaces like the Provo River Delta, Fort Utah Greenway Park, and Lakeview Parkway Trail. Major projects like The Show baseball complex and expansions of the Provo River Trail for enhanced safety and capacity. Anticipation of new developments like the Delta Gateway Park, a bike pump track, and expanded local parks.

  • Epic Regional Sports Park - Introduction of the Regional Sports Park as a major project, expected to generate $40 million in local spending annually and offer extensive amenities for sports and recreation.

  • Provo Airport Terminal Expansion - The vision and execution of the new Provo Airport Terminal as a standout project reflecting the city's proactive approach to development, completed without incurring debt. The achievement of reaching one million passengers in just over a year, surpassing initial projections.

Part 5 - Building a Safer Provo: Thanks to You!

Police Chief Beebe and Fire Chief Headman extend their heartfelt gratitude to the Provo community for passing the bond for our new City Hall and fire stations. These upgrades bring state-of-the-art safety features, a seismically sound structure, and a united Metro Dispatch Center for improved emergency responses. Plus, our Emergency Operations Center and training facilities ensure our first responders are always ready to serve. This progress wouldn't have been possible without you, Provo! Together, we're making our city safer and more resilient.

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