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State of Provo: Part 4

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Welcome to the fourth and final installment of my State of the City address. I am grateful to be joined by two incredible residents of Provo, Francine Bennion and Ginger Woolley. Today we celebrate the fact that Provo has always been forward looking.

And now a tribute to two living visionaries. In many ways their stories echo those of other Provo residents who caught a vision of what Provo could become and then helped others catch that vision. Not many Mayor awards have been issued in Provo but I am truly honored to present one today to each of these dynamic and forward looking women.

In conclusion, what is the state of our city? It is almost unbelievably good. Why? Because residents like Francine Bennion and Ginger Woolley have consistently chosen to look forward.

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