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State of Provo: Part 3

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Public safety is always a top city priority. In today’s State of the City segment, I am joined by Fire Chief Jim Miguel and Police Chief Rich Ferguson to highlight the Provo Pillar of Safe & Sound. Press play to visit our beautiful new fire station on Canyon Road for Part 3 of my State of the City address.

Safe and Sound means that we can sleep well knowing that our infrastructure is solid and that we are protected from harm. As a community, we have sacrificed for this and our efforts are bearing fruit. A new police and fire headquarters, an up-to-code wastewater treatment plant, and our new fire station are prime examples.

I am grateful for the many hardworking people who help make Provo safe and sound. Our police officers and firefighters deserve a special place in our hearts. They willingly risk their lives for our safety. And many others like our dispatchers, electric line-man, and those that plow our roads also deserve our deep gratitude.

This year we are particularly thankful for everyone in the healthcare industry. From the doctors in our emergency rooms to the volunteers who are helping to administer thousands of vaccine doses each week in Provo. Their heroic work is giving so many of us a bright new sense of hope and renewal. With that hope and with our united efforts, I am confident that decades from now, the residents of Provo will still be safe and sound.

*Stay tuned for the following Provo Pillars that will be highlighted this week:

Friday - Forward Looking

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