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Spring Runoff Preparedness

With warm weather and spring runoff, the flows in the Provo River are set to increase in the coming days. This seasonal change brings higher water levels and stronger currents, posing a significant risk. Please keep children and pets away from the river to ensure their safety. Together, we can prevent accidents and protect our community during this time.

Last year, our region experienced a record high snowpack, raising concerns of potential flooding. However, through favorable weather patterns, infrastructure improvements, and the dedicated efforts of our Storm Water crews, we successfully managed the runoff without significant flooding. Our community's response was truly remarkable. When the call went out for help, our residents came together and filled over 116,000 sandbags. This proactive spirit not only safeguarded our city but also enabled us to assist our neighboring communities by delivering sandbags to those in need.

Building upon the valuable lessons from last year, we are well-prepared to face this year’s runoff. We have sandbags and sand ready to go, and most of the river clean-up work, such as removing logs and other obstructions, was completed last year. Our dedicated staff is actively monitoring real-time runoff conditions with cameras in key locations in the frontal canyons, as well as online water data and gauges for the Provo River and nearby reservoirs. Crews are continually monitoring and cleaning debris screens to prevent clogging and maintain optimal flows through our storm drain system.

While this year’s snowpack is above average, it is only about half of last year’s levels. We still expect to see high flows in the Provo River and encourage everyone to maintain a safe distance and follow any trail closures. With saturated soil conditions from last year’s runoff and a full Utah Lake, we could see elevated groundwater levels. High groundwater could lead to water coming up into basements. If you experience groundwater flooding, it is essential to purchase a sump pump and pump the water out to the street.

Flooding is highly dependent on weather patterns, and current conditions have been favorable. Although the probability of flooding this year is low, we remain vigilant and prepared to protect Provo City. Your continued support and readiness are crucial in ensuring the safety and well-being of our community.

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