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Spring Runoff Awareness!

We've experienced an incredibly wet and cold late May. The snowpack that should have melted in the second half of May has been brought into June, where the high is 10 degrees hotter than you'd see in May. These weather conditions have altered the peak flow scenario, and we're getting warmer. What that's going to do is fuel the rivers up to June 6th and beyond at very high levels. Dangerous levels.

Please be cognizant of how high the rivers are going to get in the first week of June. Please stay out of the water, keep your kids away, and use incredibly prudent judgment when you are near the water this week. The water is so cold that it will take your breath away and it will be moving so fast and so swift that if your pet jumps in or you fall in, you will get swept away quite quickly. The flows are going to be violent, they are going to be cold, and they are going to be raging.

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