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SharedSolar ☀️

If you have ever been interested in rooftop solar but have never taken the plunge, this program is for you!

SharedSolar is a community solar option where residential customers can take advantage and lease solar panel blocks to generate solar onto the grid and get the benefits associated with it without expensive up-front capital or financing costs of installing rooftop solar panels.

By purchasing blocks of solar power, customers can claim that they are producing renewable energy and, in some cases, can reduce their actual energy costs to a lower-tiered rate.

Due to innovative thinking, hard work, and coordination, our customers can now take advantage of the high-capacity utility-grade solar panel infrastructure with higher efficiency than standard rooftop solar systems.

Provo Power has worked hard to update our power resource mix to include renewable energy and achieve a 60% non-carbon goal, where currently we are over 40%. The community-solar program adds to the resource mix and is a step to reducing our overall carbon footprint.

To find out more about the program, go to and register for an individualized analysis on your account for how this program can benefit you.

*existing net-metered (solar) customers don't qualify

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