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Remembering the One. Remembering Them All.

This year marks 20 years from the year America was attacked, changing our lives in dramatic ways. We all need to remember the painful parts of our history, including the dark day of September 11th. Doing so helps us in many ways. It can help us remember that safety and freedom are precious and fragile. It can help us remember the heroism we saw from first responders—and others—who sacrificed their lives that day. And it can help us remember the unity and resolve and patriotism Americans felt in the weeks and months after the attacks.

I had the opportunity to participate in Honor 365's Honor Walk and view the the 9/11 replica model that was given to Honor365 on behalf of The United State of America by Daan Van Der Steijn from the Netherlands. Provo is the VERY FIRST CITY to host this traveling 9/11 exhibit, which will be making its way through other cities throughout our nation until it ends in New York City near ground zero. We are proud of that and I think Provo was a very fitting choice.

The people of Provo are among the best people out there at remembering and celebrating America and patriotism and freedom. We are literally the hosts of AMERICA’S Freedom Festival, which is broadcast worldwide to thousands of troops every year. No one celebrates freedom and sacrifice and America like we do.

We deeply appreciate veterans. We deeply appreciate first responders. And we deeply appreciate anyone who sacrifices their safety for the safety of others.

So thank you with all our hearts for letting Provo kick off this incredible tour. And thank you to everyone who has helped make it possible.

You can come and see the 9/11 replica model at Provo Towne Centre from January 22 through February 14 during mall hours. The best entry to visit the exhibit is located at the main entrance where Red Robin is located.

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