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Remembering Officer Joseph Shinners

On January 5, 2019, Officer Joseph Shinners of the Provo City Police Department was killed in the line of duty. I wanted to share with you my remarks from the press conference that was held on Sunday, January 6. To watch the press conference in full, please visit this link.

For updates on this tragic event (including recordings of the vigil, funeral, and procession), please follow the Provo Police Department.

"Mostly I just want Kaylyn to know that right now, the citizens of Provo stand with you. To all of your family on both your side and Joe’s side, I’m so terribly, terribly sorry. You surely helped make Joe who he was and were part of what he lived for and now, has honorably laid down his life for.

To Chief Ferguson and all our officers: Today reminds us of the price that you have always known your noble calling could someday mean. You have chosen to live in a world most of us can hardly fathom. Thank you.

To all citizens, I call on you to let this day awaken in us a new sense of gratitude and profound respect for the men and women in our communities who put on this uniform—and to the spouses, children, parents and other family of those brave souls.

Lastly, Officer Joseph Shinners, with all we have in our souls, we salute you and thank you."

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