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#ProvoServes Senior Lunch

I would like to take a moment and recognize the volunteers who serve lunch every day for Provo's Senior Lunch Program. Monday - Friday, these amazing volunteers get the kitchen ready, serve lunch to the seniors, and clean up afterwards. Their commitment and interaction with the seniors is a perfect example of Provo’s spirit of service.

Starting now until June 16th, when you catch someone serving, or you serve someone yourself, please post it to social media with the hashtag #ProvoServes. A generous donor has agreed to donate $2.00 for every hashtag posted, up to $1,000 to 2ft Prosthetics!

And while you’re at it, let’s all look for ways we can step up our service game. I invite you to keep an eye out for little or big ways you can help those around you. Pick up some litter, write a thank you note, or just go introduce yourself to a neighbor you haven’t met yet. Doing so can make such a difference. I hope that through this initiative we’ll all catch even more of Provo’s spirit of service.

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