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Provology Enrollment is Open!

It’s back again! Enrollment is now open for our spring session of Provology 101. We invite you once more to join us behind the scenes at Provo City and experience this class for yourself. You can learn about how our city is run, discover where and how to find information, and meet some of the dedicated people who make it all work.

The spring session of Provology 101 will run from 6:30 - 9:00 pm every Wednesday, February 9 – April 27 (No classes on February 16th or April 20th) with graduation on May 3, 2022.  

Each night you’ll learn about different departments in the city and what they do. You’ll tour facilities, participate in activities and watch demonstrations. We guarantee you’ll know more about Provo when we’re done than you did when you started. We’ll help you increase your ability to understand what’s happening in our city and find your own way to participate in the decision-making process. When we’re through, you will be invited to join our alumni network and meet others who want to serve in the community.

Sign up today for the chance to experience Provology 101 for yourself! Enrollment in this free program is only open to adult Provo residents and class size is limited. Registration is open online from January 5 through February 3. All applicants will be notified of their registration status by February 3 by e-mail.

Questions? Contact Dixon Holmes at

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1 Comment

Kameron Barkle
Kameron Barkle
Jan 06, 2022

Provology 101: University Ave and other major streets are terrible to walk along because of all the jerks making excessively loud noises with their muscles cars, motorbikes, and altered exhaust pipes, and the mayor won't do anything about it.

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