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Provo's Sustainability Website is Live!

Provo has been blessed with abundant natural spaces and resources—our mountains, river, lake, agricultural land, and more—that enhance our quality of life. As a city government, we recognize it’s one of our responsibilities to protect these resources and promote sustainable living within our community. To accomplish this, since 2015, Provo City has had an interdepartmental Sustainability Committee that analyzes the city’s operations and works to incrementally change them to be more sustainable. This group has been working hard to promote sustainability from within.

Today, I’m happy to showcase the group’s two newest creations: a page on the city’s website and a report of 2018 accomplishments. The website is a great resource to find out how you can reduce your energy consumption, earn rebates, or get involved in local environmental causes. You’ll also want to download and read our 2018 Sustainability Report to learn about all the great things our city departments have been doing to cut down on energy and water consumption, reduce waste, and save money. Check it out today at!

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1 Comment

Austin Taylor
Austin Taylor
Apr 11, 2019

Great work to all!

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