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Provo's Emergency Operations Center

Over the course of a week, Provo City has activated our Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to handle the Covid-19 outbreak and today’s 5.7 magnitude earthquake. But what does it mean to stand up an EOC and how does that protect our citizens?

Provo City practices our emergency management plan throughout the year, with a key initial step being the activation of an EOC to serve as the central command responsible for the management of an incident. All city department heads are part of the EOC to provide minute-by-minute status reports on our services and infrastructure.

We’ve had direct interface with Governor Herbert and the Utah Coronavirus Task Force, coordinated with all relevant agencies and neighboring cities, managed our city personnel, coordinated response activities, set up a temporary call center and communicated with the public.

I’m so proud of our Provo City employees for their hard work over the past week. Rest assured we are prepared to handle any emergency situations as they arise, with our top priority being to continue to serve you! Our EOC is still in activation mode and is monitoring both situations simultaneously. We will continue to provide updates as necessary.

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