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Provo's Annual Charity Drive

Every year Provo City has a food drive before Christmas. To help with participation we have a little friendly competition between departments. All of the departments challenge each other by competing to raise the most donated food. Since each department varies in the amount of employees, the final results are measured by pounds of food per employee.

The results are in and the winner this year is the Municipal Council Office, which had 857 lbs donated from their 5 full-time employees - which worked out to be 171.40 per employee! Congratulations!

We would also like to recognize the Police Department for collecting the most equivalent pounds overall…..12,537 lbs!

Based on a suggestion from the Food Bank, we allowed individuals to donate money to the food bank. Every $1 = 4 lbs. of food. Therefore, the results you are seeing are a combination of actual pounds of food and the cash equivalent.

All together we were able to collect an equivalent of 24,821 lbs of food for the Timpanogos Food Bank and $12,511.58 in monetary donations to support our three charity organizations (Community Health Charities, Community Shares/Utah, and United Way of Utah County)! 

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