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Provo Rumor Stop

A new fact-based website, launches today with the goal of dispelling community misinformation by directing citizens to a credible source online. A topic-based image gallery of easily shareable, fact-based graphics encouraging citizens to help “set the record straight” by sharing online.

Police-community relationships are too important to Provo’s public safety and quality of life to allow false rumors and misinformation to undermine community goodwill and trust built up over decades. I hope this website and other communication efforts underway will help the public regain confidence in the safety of their community.

Please press play to hear Chief Rich Ferguson and I announce the launch of the website with a "Conversations with Kaufusi". We address this unsettling time for Provo, lessons learned, and how citizen communication can improve in the future.

Provo City has a well-deserved reputation as one of the safest cities in the nation—this incident does not change that. What it does is offer opportunity for improvement. Public safety is your top concern and when that feels threatened you want and are entitled to timely, accessible answers.

My hope is by having 24/7 accessibility to facts, with a community motivated to help us combat damaging rumors, we can quickly squash false rumors and provide the facts necessary for a civil, solutions-based conversation.

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1 Comment

Jared Curtis
Jared Curtis
Jul 16, 2020

I checked out the website and it was user friendly. I like that specific rumors were called out and there was some clarifying information. To dispell some rumors I think more information would be helpful. I have never understood if prior to 6/29 protest if "protestors" were blocking the streets. I have never believed that mayor kafusi made a standdown order but I have never heard why the traffic blockers were not removed from the streets before or after the shooting.

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