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Provo Police, Fire & City Facilities Bond Video

In order to provide you with more information about the Provo Police, Fire, and City Facilities Bond, the city has released a video. This video shows you the Police Department building, Fire Station 2, and city hall. I encourage you to watch it, visit the websites mentioned, call us at 311 or 801-852-6000, or email me at

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Bruce Bailey
Bruce Bailey
Sep 10, 2018

What is the projected tax increase for a $500,000 or $600,000 home? Is it roughly double the median home value tax? The last school bond that was passed resulted in a much higher tax then was advertised (since the tax was passed and the house prices went up a lot). Also, we just passed a large school bond and it sounds like another school bond is on the way. It seems like everyone wants a new building and that is expensive. At some point it seems that you have to deal with the buildings that you have.

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