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Provo Is the Center of Medical Care and Training

Provo has unique offerings that make our city a hub for medical training. From medical education to medical care, Provo is at the forefront. This creates a dynamic environment and culture in Provo that makes not only this city but also the state of Utah and beyond a better place to live.

One of our four Provo Pillars is Safe and Sound. We take that responsibility seriously, with an essential component being medical care. Not only does our award-winning regional hospital meet community medical needs, but with BYU’s nursing program and a new medical college, we are training the next generation of caregivers.

Medical care is ‘alive and well’ in Provo. Take a look at the highlights in our ‘By theNumbers’ graphic.

While nestled in the heart of Provo, Utah Valley Hospital provides quality healthcare to the broader region, from the Point of the Mountain to Cedar City. With 3,400 employees, Utah Valley Hospital makes Provo an essential asset to the health and stability of our region. Watch CEO Kyle Hansen, explain why Utah Valley Hospital is a valuable Provo Advantage.

Change your viewpoint of Provo healthcare by viewing drone footage of our various medical education facilities.

The Provo community doesn’t rest on its laurels. Having great access to healthcare services isn’t enough. In Provo, we are building an employment pipeline so our future medical needs will be met with the next generation of well-educated doctors.

Norm Right, President and CEO at Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine speaks highly of the high-quality medical opportunities in Provo.

Exceptional medical care doesn’t happen without the exceptional practitioners who provide it. One of Provo’s finest medical providers, Dr. Melissa Kendall, was awarded with the 2023 Trailblazer Award and shares her thoughts on the community she has long served.

And finally, are you aware that Provo has the only School of Optometry in an 11-state western & midwestern area, and that Rocky Mountain University offers 18 Master and Doctorate degrees? For more great information on medical care and training in Provo, check out our White Paper.

Each month this award-winning e-blast looks at another significant advantage of this community and why Provo is considered exceptional. The Provo Advantage has covered topics from being a Center of Innovation and Creativity, to having a Dynamic Downtown, to being a Center of Education, to being a Hub for Startups, to having an Exceptional Quality of Life. Visit to check out the many advantages we have already highlighted.

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