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Provo is the Center of Leisure & Hospitality

Several million people come to Provo every year to enjoy its many recreational opportunities. Whether it’s to ski at Sundance, watch a performance at the Covey Center, go to a BYU football game, or attend an event at the Utah County Convention Center, our city offers a myriad of experiences. As a center for leisure and hospitality, Provo is the ‘base camp’ where adventures begin and end. Watch our video to see why people are drawn to Provo and return time and time again.

What does it mean to be a ‘Center for Leisure and Hospitality’? Here’s a quick reel showcasing Provo as the destination community it has come to be known as.

Attracting millions of visitors requires a diversity of offerings. We thought it would be interesting to know why visitors choose Provo—and we thought you might too. See the breakdown in our leisure & hospitality graphic.

To better understand Provo’s leadership in regional leisure and hospitality, we interviewed Lee Adamson, Executive Director of Explore Utah Valley. See what he had to say in this video.

Our ‘By the Numbers’ graphic offers a quick snapshot of the visitor impact in Provo.

Joel Racker is his name and Provo hospitality is his game! Well-known as the General Manager of Hyatt Place Provo, Joel truly is an area hospitality expert. As the first Executive Director of Explore Utah Valley, he’s seen this community through its hospitality and leisure transformation. Enjoy Joel’s local expertise as he reflects on Provo with a bird’s eye view from atop Provo City Hall.

For a more detailed look at the many things that make Provo a Center for Leisure and Hospitality and how the City is equipped to handle these millions of visitors, check out our White Paper.

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