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Provo Is Filled With Exceptional People

When the groundhog predicted more winter and March came in like a lion, Provo Advantage hibernated. Blame Phil! But as we shiver towards March’s “lamb” exit, we’re excited to bring you our jam-packed, better-late-than-never, ‘Spring is almost here’ March edition.

We launched 2023 by highlighting my new vision statement “Exceptional Care for an Exceptional Community.” A lofty goal, to be sure, and one that can only be achieved with the help of many exceptional individuals dedicating exceptional effort by many exceptional individuals. Luckily, Provo is filled with exceptional people who are truly making a difference and we are proud to highlight a few.

Melissa Sevy, Founder of Ethik

I was recently at an event where each attendee received a unique gift at their table. What grabbed the attention of all was that it wasn’t the usual and forgettable trinket often provided. Instead, these gifts were curated from artisans around the world by a Provo company, Ethik.

Founder Melissa Sevy’s vision is to showcase crafts from over 2,000 artisans in impoverished parts of the world providing the much-needed opportunity for these artisans to earn living wages for their art. In bringing the beauty of the world to Provo, Melissa is enriching more lives than we can ever know.

Mayor Kaufusi and Friends

Knowing the importance of community leaders in achieving our exceptional standard, I invited several stand-out individuals to join me on-stage during the State of the City event aptly named, “An Exceptional Evening with Mayor Kaufusi and Friends.” Our Provo ‘friends’ were specifically chosen because they are valued community partners who provide exemplify Provo’s mission statement.

To see my speech, follow this link –

To see Bill Hulterstrom’s speech, follow this link –

To see Carrie Jenkins’s speech, follow this link –

To see Chad Linebough’s speech, follow this link –

To see Norm Wrights’s speech, follow this link –

Provo Advantage By The Numbers

Origin stories are always interesting—with Provo being the seedbed for creativity now known worldwide. Check it our by the numbers to see what we mean?

Exceptional Individuals Help Make an Exceptional Community

Still looking for more exceptional Provo news? Our White Paper gives you a satisfying deep dive into more of the exceptional people in Provo and their continuing contributions.

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