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Provo is a Thriving Center for Government

Rankings Matter! We all strive for excellence—with cities, the metrics range from citizen service delivery to public safety and economic viability. The national rankings Provo has earned become a bragging right because they illustrate a healthy community with a well-run local government. With the July 2 opening of our new Provo City Hall and public safety headquarters, it is the ideal time to highlight the role of government as an economic driver.

A Thriving Center For Government

Replacing our failing public safety facilities became a potentially life-saving decision as one considers 145,000 annual emergency calls now handled from our state-of-the-art dispatch center—with police, fire and emergency services all co-located for efficient coordination. Provo City is ranked as the #1 Safest Large City in Utah and we are dedicated to keeping our citizens safe and sound.


Why Provo Is The Best Performing City

What better way to showcase Provo City than with a bird’s eye view? Five stories up, atop Provo City Hall, Mayor Michelle Kaufusi outlines the ‘secret sauce’ of creating a welcoming and successful community.


As any Queen music fan would know, being a champion [of the world] matters. Provo prides itself on exceeding citizen expectations by setting new national standards.


Retired Provo Police Chief and 2020’s Utah Police Chief of the Year, Rich Ferguson on why a city’s commitment to public safety matters.


A Wide Range Of Government And Community Services

Not only is Provo City leading the nation in municipal rankings but is a regional center of government. Provo has a wide range of government and community services, many within blocks of each other, which provide for convenience, efficiency, and coordination.


The best movies always reward its loyal fans with a blooper reel. If you’ve made it this far, THIS is your reward…

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