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Provo Is a Center of Education

Education is the foundation of successful communities because it fosters progress. Provo City is known for its strong K-12 educational system that feeds into a vibrant university network of six higher education institutions—earning us the distinction as the nation’s #3 Best College Town.

From the 8th floor of the Micro Focus Tower, home to Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions, Mayor Michelle Kaufusi and Economic Development Director, Keith Morey discuss another Provo Advantage – Education. Learn more about the abundant intellectual capital, skilled workforce and state-of-the-art innovation being cultivated in Provo.

Higher Education Reel

To get a sense of what more than 1,000 acres of higher education terra firma look like watch this video.

Check the map! Provo is the only city in the Intermountain West that is home to five accredited colleges and universities within such close proximity.

Conversation with Mayor Kaufusi & President Worthen

Brigham Young University is Provo’s first and most recognizable higher educational institution. Enjoy a conversation between BYU President Kevin Worthen and Provo City Mayor Michelle Kaufusi as they discuss the valuable symbiotic partnership between the institution and the city.

You might be surprised by some of the data we’ve gathered for this month’s By the Numbers. The intellectual and employment capital generated by these institutions is another “Provo Advantage”!

Find out why Rick Nielsen, the founding president and CEO of Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions and the Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine calls Provo the “incubator of educational success.”

Education Is at the Heart of Provo’s Culture

Finally all good students do their homework. So here is our Education White Paper. There will be a pop quiz on the content.

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