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Provo is #1 Best Performing City in the Nation!

I was thrilled to learn that Provo has been ranked #1 for best performing city in the Nation! This is just one more way Provo has gotten things right. Credit goes to the citizens of Provo, particularly our entrepreneurs and business leaders, and also to our educational institutions that provide support.

This is also a day for celebrating our economic development team for fostering an extraordinary climate for businesses to succeed. Provo has long been known for its quality of life. When you factor in that we also lead the nation in job growth, it’s no wonder businesses, families, and individuals want to locate here.

I want businesses large and small to know we're eager for them to come locate here. They will find in Provo an extraordinary workforce, a vibrant hi-tech industry, and a culturally rich community with loads of incredible recreational opportunities right at their doorstep.

Check out the full ranking from the Milken Institute here:

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