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Provo Has The Most Energy-Efficient Buildings Per Capita!

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Provo has been ranked the #1 metro in the nation for having the most energy efficient buildings per capita!

OhmConnect used the Environmental Protection’s Agency’s 2022 rankings to identify the metropolitan areas with the greatest number of Energy Star-certified buildings. The EPA identified the top 25 metros with the highest count of certified buildings as well as the top 10 in mid-size and top 10 in small metros. For comparison, the count of those metros with the most buildings are shown here based on the number of certified buildings per 1 million population. Because the EPA reports on just the top counts, some metros with fewer buildings but a higher rate per capita may not be listed here.

One thing to keep in mind about this chart is relative population size. Provo’s adjusted number of energy-efficient buildings per 1 million people is just over 115,000 people—relatively tiny compared to the other cities shown here. The city has 75 total energy-efficient buildings, ranking 21st on the EPA’s list for top cities overall and 2nd for top Mid-Sized Cities.

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