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Provo has a Unique International Flavor

Welkom. Benvenuto. Velkommen. Tervetuloa. Welcome.

Provo City’s slogan is ‘Welcome Home. In Downtown Provo, the “welcome” you receive brings an unexpected international flavor with more than 70 individually owned and operated restaurants representing cuisine from all around the world.

Join us as we introduce you to this month’s Provo Advantage at Provo’s newest downtown restaurant: Bistro Provenance.

70+ Locally Owned Restaurants

Are your taste buds watering yet? If you aren’t making lunch plans in Provo yet, then this Restaurant Reel will no doubt do the trick! While we didn’t capture all the downtown restaurants (there are too many 😊), you can’t say we didn’t try.

Flavors From Around The World

Now that you’re good and hungry, enjoy a conversation with classically French trained chef, Chad Pritchard, the owner of our newest downtown restaurant Bistro Provenance on why you don’t have to travel around the globe to taste the best cuisine the world has to offer.

Still not convinced Provo is a global melting pot? Take a look at our by the numbers for more evidence.

Melissa Sevy with ETHIK

Provo’s international connection isn’t just about the food you can find here. We sat down with Melissa Sevy with ETHIK to explore how her company curates products from around the world while working to protect the earning potential of the artisans they represent.

Provo’s International Flavor

And if you’re looking for a comprehensive overview with hard data, dive into this month’s whitepaper for greater details.

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Jackson BigDog
Jackson BigDog
Oct 21, 2022

Thriving creativity in Provo culture is truly exceptional when quality of life runs deep.


Hilton Terry
Hilton Terry
Oct 05, 2022

BYU is the Center of Attraction to bring Creativity Culture to the City

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