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Provo Girls Summit Art Show

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

As part of my initiative as Mayor to help increase leadership opportunities for the women of Provo, I am thrilled to say that Provo Girls Summit will happen again this year on March 8th!

Last year a team of exceptional women put together the first ever Provo Girls Summit in conjunction with Provo Women’s Day. Professional woman came together at the Provo Library to encourage girls from 8-12 years old to come and learn more about career exploration. The event was wildly successful and there was barely any empty space in the ballroom. Girls were able to ask questions and learn more about their vast choices ahead of them in their futures.

The event featured women from a variety of professional backgrounds--writers, scientists, artists, and local business owners from all over the state. Provo Girls learned what it’s like to look at the world as a designer, what it takes to write code for software, how to become a police officer, plus so much more!

So to kick things off this year, Provo Girls Summit is teaming up with the Neighborhood Art Center to bring the first Provo Girls Summit Art Show! Girls, ages 8-12, are invited to submit a piece of art that responds to the theme "Exploration Encouraged."

The gallery will be on display at the Neighborhood Art Center starting March 2, 2018 and winners will be on display at Provo Library during the Provo Girls Summit 2018. Eight winners will be selected to receive a three month subscription to, and two winners will also get to train with illustrator Amber Alvarez!

How to Enter

  • All art work must be turned in at the Neighborhood Art Center between February 14,16-17 (between 10am-5pm) to be eligible for entry.

  • Print and Fill out the entry form, if you are submitting more than one piece please print and fill out one form per piece.

I am thrilled to see what these girls create! For more details visit

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