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Provo City Virtual Tour

We have amazing citizens in Provo with some pretty cool talents! Provo City and Josh Gibson, a virtual reality creator and Provo citizen, put together an immersive Provo City experience: “A Virtual Tour of Provo.” Josh loves Provo and has put his heart and soul into this project to gift to others the beauty that Provo has to offer.

Working with Josh, we filmed at many different locations throughout Provo and used different cameras to capture videos that are 360 degrees. We have created a Facebook page specifically for this project which you can visit here. There's over 30 videos you can explore - between the Recreation Center, Peaks Ice Arena, East Bay Golf Course, The Covey Center Black Box theater, the Provo Airport and more.

Josh has made it possible for you to move the video around to catch 360 degrees of each site. If you go to the video at the airport, make sure to move the camera angle up. You’ll see a plane right above you - incredible!

The videos can be viewed in your web browser, on your phone, or even through VR goggles!

Here’s just a few instructions to get the most out of your experience:

If viewing in a web browser, you can alter the view of the video. Click, hold and drag up, down, or to the side to view the entire 360 degree video! If viewing in VR goggles, move your head and look around to see the entirety of the video. If viewing on a mobile device, you’ll see cardinal directions at the top of the video. The video plays the 360 degree image at once.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy this beautiful view of Provo courtesy of Josh and the team at Provo City. They’ve worked hard to be able to provide such an amazing opportunity to learn and appreciate our City.

Be sure to check out Josh's website:

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