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Provo City Launches Shared Mobility Program with Bird 🛴🚲

Provo City launched a multi-modal shared mobility program on Saturday in partnership with Bird Global, Inc. (NYSE: BRDS), a leader in environmentally friendly electric transportation. Provo residents and visitors can now rent both electric bikes and scooters throughout the city, accessed via the Bird app on their smartphone.

Active transportation is now fully available to all who live, work and play in Provo. Our partnership with Bird finally fulfills our mobility goal of providing both e-bikes and scooters to our community.

Provo’s new mobility program includes the gradual release of up to 500 scooters and 200 e-bikes to meet the community transportation need while avoiding excess. Maintaining quality of life is a top priority, so it was crucial our mobility partner have the proven ability to help cities maximize access while minimizing the public nuisance potential of unused vehicles.

Bird currently operates multiple shared mobility programs throughout Utah, including in Orem, Ogden, Sandy, West Valley, and Millcreek. “Bird is especially excited about launching a multi-modal shared mobility program in Provo with both bikes and scooters” says Austin Marshburn, Director of City and University Partnerships for Bird. “We currently have scooter share programs in over 10 other communities throughout Utah and launching in Provo will allow Bird to continue expanding on our mission to provide alternative transportation options to as many Utahns as possible.”

Bird plans to work with local business and community health organizations to help spread the word about its service and its discounted programs. Additionally, Bird bikes will be allowed on the BYU campus giving students a new option to get to class. Bird’s discounted programs include:

Community Pricing Program: Bird offers qualifying groups such as veterans, students, teachers, senior citizens, and low-income individuals 50% off rides. Click here to apply.

Alternative Payment Methods: Scooters may be rented by those without a smart phone using the methods outlined here. Scooters may be rented by those without a credit card using the methods outlined here.

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