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Provo City Fire Chief Announces Retirement

After serving four decades in fire service, Provo City Fire Chief James Miguel announced his upcoming retirement today, effective May 11, 2023.

Chief Miguel was hired as Provo City’s fire chief in October 2016 after devoting more than 30 years in the California fire service, where he also served as a fire chief.

“More than six years ago, I came to Provo to find the most caring, service-oriented group of men and women I could ever imagine,” said Miguel. “We have laughed together, cried together, and I have watched them care for this community with love, compassion, and great skill.”

Under Miguel’s leadership, Provo City built its first new fire station in 20 years (Station 22) and is in the planning stages for a new downtown station to replace the seismically unsound Station 21.

“Provo is a wonderful community that has supported our work and shown their appreciation in every way possible,” said Miguel. “I’m so grateful for the trust shown by our residents as they came together in support of a much-needed public safety center and the replacement of Fire Station 22.”

“As the fire chief, the support I have received from Mayor Kaufusi and the Provo City Council is unparalleled,” said Miguel. “Not only did Mayor Kaufusi ensure we have the best facilities, equipment, and support services to care for our personnel, but under her caring leadership, we also implemented a mental wellness program for all police and fire personnel.”

During a Zoom call to fire stations, Chief Miguel personally announced his retirement, with he and Mayor Michelle Kaufusi also notifying of the succession of Deputy Fire Chief Jeremy Headman, who will serve as interim chief for 12 weeks.

Chief Miguel has passionately served our community, becoming far more than a ‘fire chief’—he has become a trusted and dear friend. His loyalty and love to his team and Provo City is beyond measure and is directly attributable to our continued public safety success.

His dedication to public safety infrastructure, with the completion and planned constructionof two new stations, is the fulfillment of a promise to residents. Under Miguel’s leadership, Provo firefighters are better equipped—and Provo residents are safer.

Upon Miguel’s official retirement on May 11, 2023, Deputy Fire Chief Jeremy Headman will act as interim fire chief. Headman was promoted to deputy fire chief in January 2017, after serving the Provo City Fire Department for 28 years.

Chief Headman is honored and humbled at the opportunity to serve the community and members of the Provo Fire Department.

“It has been a privilege to work alongside Chief Miguel for the past 6 years. He has been a great mentor and friend,” said Headman. “I have a great love for Provo City and Provo Fire Department. We have accomplished a lot over the past 6 years and with our amazing staff and the best firefighters in the state, we will accomplish even more over the next 6 years.”

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