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Provo City Employees Give Back

Updated: Mar 6

For over 30 years, Provo City Employees have participated in many ways to give back to our community through charitable giving campaigns and hours of service. Last year, more than any other year, the generosity and cumulative collections from city employees has proven monumental.

Our annual food drive was done online this year with only monetary donations. During the drive, we were able to collect an equivalent of 34,552 lbs (over 17.3 tons) of food for Community Action Services and Food Bank. The coveted “Golden Can Award” was awarded to the Legal Department which collected 176 lbs per employee in their department.

Collectively, our employees donated a total of $34,434.54 to support local charitable organizations which include various health organizations, United Way agencies, and Community Action Services and Food Bank. And our participation rate went up by 37%!

Included in that donation total were special fundraisers held by several of our departments:

  • The Fire Department collected funds sufficient to offer a Sub for Santa for two families.

  • Police held their annual “No Shave November” where officers can pay a fee in order to grow a beard during the month. Those funds went towards nutritional packs that are dispersed by Community Action Services and Food Bank to local schools.

  • The Police Department, through the Police Mutual Aid Fundraiser, provided monies for several Wasatch Behavioral program including the Grand Families program that provides support to children and The Giving Tree program for their adult clients. They were able to donate Christmas toys for 71 children. They also provided clothing, bedding, and basic necessities for 20 adult clients.

  • Public Works collected funds to support a fellow employee battling cancer.

  • The Power Department held an auction with proceeds supporting “Just for Kids”.

We have very generous employees who not only give of their time to noteworthy causes, they willingly participate in supporting these local non-profit organizations that provide much needed services in our community.

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