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Provo By the Numbers

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

It’s easy to brag about Provo and the quality of life we have here. We are consistently recognized nationally for our economy, well-being, and as a beautiful place to live with unbelievable recreational opportunities. Not only are we surrounded by spectacular mountains and beautiful landscapes but our residents are amazing.

Our city is full of hardworking, intelligent, and talented people. We are also a compassionate community. Every year we receive national rankings for being first in the country for charitable giving and volunteerism and last year was no exception!

To highlight our amazing community, I've selected my favorite Provo rankings from 2019:

#1 in the Nation for Charitable Giving

Our city is amazing! We have a supportive community and neighbors who help and watch out for each other. Others have recognized this on social media and, more recently, in a study by SmartAsset. I am so proud and honored to be the mayor of Provo. Our citizens are some of the very best! (SmartAsset, December 2019)

#1 Best Performing City in the Nation

As mayor, I'm thrilled to see that Provo has been ranked #1 for Best-Performing City in the Nation for the second consecutive year! The citizens of Provo should be proud - from our startup companies and established businesses to educational institutions and everyone that supports them. (Milken Institute; January 2019)

#2 Best-Run City in the Nation

Creating a great city is a team sport. It requires nonprofits. It requires the educational sector. It requires forward-looking business women and men who strive to be good neighbors. And, not least, it requires engaged citizens who roll up their sleeves and get to work, not only in providing for themselves and families, but also with an eye toward the greater good. Provo has each of these assets in abundance. To each person who has touched Provo in any way, I extend my heartfelt congratulations for helping our city achieve another monumental recognition. (July 2019; WalletHub)

#2 in the Nation for Musicians

Of all the destinations in America, Provo stands out not only for being home to legends like Imagine Dragons, and Neon Trees, but also for their must-see music venues like Velour Live Music Gallery, ABG's Libation Emporium, and more. I feel very blessed to be the mayor of a city ripe with artistic talent. I find this a point of pride as much as any business acquisition or stats on the newest poll. (October 2019; CubeSmart)

#7 in America for AmeriCorps Members

It’s probably no surprise to you that our community has a great culture of volunteerism—many of you have given service yourselves! What you may not know about, however, are the 300+ pairs of hands devoting countless hours of part-time to full-time service to organizations and initiatives here in Provo. They don’t just help out with a one-time volunteer project—their all-day, every-day is devoted to service. These volunteers work with the AmeriCorps and SeniorCorps programs, which focus on tackling local issues across the nation. (, August 2019)

#10 Most Educated City in America

Provo has been ranked as one of the top 10 most educated cities in America by WalletHub! Their main findings also ranked Provo with the 4th highest percentage of high school diploma holders in the nation, the 2nd highest percentage of Associates Degree holders in the nation, and the 2nd highest average of University quality. Research shows that a skilled and educated workforce provides a significant boost to the economy. (WalletHub, July 2019)

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