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Provo #5 Most Dynamic Metropolitan!

Provo-Orem has been ranked #5 Most Dynamic Metropolitan by Heartland Forward! Provo is an emerging tech hub with attractive outdoor recreational amenities that are appealing to knowledge-worker talent, including entrepreneurs.

Utah achieved a remarkable accomplishment— all five metro areas in the Top 25 (St. George, 4th; Provo-Orem, 5th; Logan, 7th; Salt Lake City, 13th; Ogden-Clearfield, 16th). Many tourists, who might have gone abroad if not for COVID-19 travel restrictions, visited Utah, and some remained to work remotely.

Heartland Forward's index is based on capturing recent employment growth, wage growth, and GDP growth, as well as two entrepreneurship metrics (the density of young business activity within the overall economy and density of well-educated workers within the workforce employed by those young businesses) and the average income, which reflects previous productivity gains.

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